Featheredge board (Closeboard)

Featheredge board (Closeboard fencing) can add a touch of class and elegance to your garden. It can even blend in to the background when it needs to, giving a more open space. Available in a range of heights closeboard fencing borders your garden, creating a private location to relax in. You can trim or shape the top of the boards to add interest and change the skyline. You could even stain or paint the timber to brighten up your landscape with contrasting colours.

We stock a vast range of feather edge boards for you to choose from in a number of lengths, widths and thickness so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to dicuss your requirements.


Palisade boards are used to make picket fencing; a popular, traditional style of strong, partly open fencing featured in many gardens where privacy is not required but a light and airy feeling are desired. Lower heights are ideal for managing small dogs, children and general demarcation. Palisade can be considered as stronger than your usual 'pre-made' panels. This is due to the rails being generally thicker. Palisade fencing panels also require more skill and time to fit.

Concrete slotted posts

Concrete fence are long lasting and maintenance free. The popularity of concrete posts has grown in recent years, in part due to their tough construction. They are designed to test the years of time and can withstand even the strongest winds. This makes them excellent value for money as they are very rarely replaced. Ideal for use with many of the fencing systems as well that may be in your garden right now. As well as being incredibly dense and strong, fence posts made using concrete will not rot over time and therefore do not need treating or staining. Rugby fencing have a wide range of concrete sollted fencing designs, so please call for more information.

Concrete gravel boards

Concrete gravel boards are a perfect way to keep your timber fence away from ground contact. A common problem with timber is it rots with moisture, and can therefore cause rot. As concrete does not rot, it makes it the ideal material to make gravel boards from.

Post fencing

Post fencing is commonly used for both temporary and permanent situations. They are mainly used in conjunction with electric fencing. Due to the different variables available, with the number of intended uses. It would be best to contact us regarding this particular installation.